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First impression was excellent as Greg arrived early for our free estimate appointment. It got better from there. Greg and his guys had our system installed in 48 hours. They cleaned up when they were gone and left me and my family with nothing BUT an enjoyable patio misting system we have used everyday!

Stephanie Traylor

Our family moved to Vegas due to my work obligations. As transplants of the midwest, we thought we were prepared for the Southwest heat. But we weren’t! Thankfully, we called Fuller’s and our outdoor area was covered in mist by the end of the week! We had never heard of a patio misting system til we moved out here. Now we know!

Ryan Mason

Let me first say that you have to be here to see the mist! It looks great in pictures but you just wouldn’t believe how it changes your home. Our home is THE place to be for my kids and their friends. They just absolutely love it. Well worth the price. Greg checks up on us routinely even now a whole year after he installed our system.

Rebecca Stutz

Shopping around for one of these patio misting systems was a hassle. But, we found the right one in Fuller’s. You can tell they know what they’re doing. My wife and I came away very impressed. When our visitors ask what it is, we just hand them a Fuller’s business card now. Truly a great investment.

Terry Dietsch

Summers are hot. But our patio misting system is on all spring and fall too! Our system is kicking strong after much use! We had one issue and Greg was at our door the next day. It’s one thing to spend a couple thousand on a patio misting system but my husband and I knew we were in good hands and took the plunge with Fuller’s! They are the one to call.

Jasmine Howard

We are very happy with our patio mister. We opted for a small system. It works very nicely and we would recommend it to anyone. I am kept so cool and refreshed. So blessed. If we were shopping again, we’d go straight to Fuller’s of course!

Lou Ellen Diller

Our house was put up for sale just shortly after our patio misting system was installed. We only enjoyed it for a short amount of time but the family who bought our house valued the system just as much as we did. It’s still there. We will be calling Fuller’s for a new system at our new home very soon.

Gus Martinez

So many summers wasted indoors! We love our back patio area. Now, we can get back to enjoying it! Fuller’s Patio Misting truly raised our quality of life! We don’t know why we waited so long!

Ashley Coleman

We were very impressed with Greg’s knowledge on patio misting. He displays the passion and confidence we look for when making an investment on our home. Greg gave us many options throughout the entire design process. We came away with exactly what we wanted for a fair price.

Albert Wagner

This company is customer service personified. No wonder Fuller’s Patio Misting is a yearly award winner on Angie’s List. Our family enjoys our outdoor area like never before. Our choice to purchase a misting system was a very worthwhile one.

Ralph Castro

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